Monday, October 12, 2009


Just got word that all three of our stories will be published on the contest site on the week of 12/14. This guarantees that one of our stories will make it to the semi's.


All three stories required editing to slip under the contest's 3000 word limit.
Here are the full unexpurgated versions of
It's a big holiday traffic week for the site and hopefully lots of people will see our work, but time to get out your little black book (Vi) and your Twitter list (Sof) and get out the vote.

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

News about Apostrophe

Word is out we'll have at least one story coming soon at the Erotic Fiction Contest at It's vote by popular accord, so we urge everybody to go to our stories when they come up. Check back here for details as it could happen as early as next week.

To all our friends. Two of our stories were featured in an Erotic Readers and Writers Association e-book "A Slip of the Lip, that that sought to anthologize, in the words of its editor, the fabulous, Remittance Girl,  the best, most innovative and original description of a kiss.”

Reviewer Jean Roberta observed that "A remarkable number of these short pieces look self-contained in the way that an acorn is a self-contained object that has potential to grow into a mighty oak tree. In several pieces, the kiss is an event or a goal in itself."

She noted later in the review that "Several other stories deal with more complicated situations: adulterous attraction (sometimes across a generation gap) ..." (Gasp, SL sounds awfully familiar. :-) Your finest writing yet, imho) 

"Riccardo Berra has several stories in this collection, all high-voltage. In “Screen Kiss,” a woman understands the significance of kissing in old Hollywood movies: “She’d never understood and assumed they [movie stars] were just acting. Kisses. Who knew?"


The reviewer, Jean Roberta, closes encouraging ...
"Printed-out, this collection makes an excellent picture-book, the kind that is excellent for giving. You might even get a kiss in return."
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