Here in one place, are links to a collection of edgy stories by me and great guest writers. These stories aren't related directly to "Apostrophe," but are part of a new anthology in progress called ...

Love on the Edge

Read, enjoy, comment -- as with the novel, I'm deeply interested in all reader interaction.
All material here is copyrighted either by me or by the author. So enjoy, but same rules apply.

A Girl With Two Lovers (by Riccardo Berra) (*newest)
ERWA September 2011 Gallery

Modeling Session by (Riccardo Berra)   (*new)
A Flasher for Vi  ~220 wc

Tres Vueltas (3 Laps) (by Riccardo Berra)
An erotic adventure set in Salvador da Bahia

The Adulterers' Manual (by Riccardo Berra)
An erotic "how-to" told in the second person

The Wild Hunt (by Riccardo Berra)
A sexy new take on an old, old legend

Midnight Confession (Erotica) A Quickie by Riccardo Berra
ERWA March 2011 Gallery

Witch's Daughter (by Riccardo Berra)

Ligne Claire (by Riccardo Berra) 
ERWA January 2011 Gallery

Hearts and Flowers (by Riccardo Berra) 

The Jealous Muse (by Riccardo Berra)

Effective Dreaming  (by Riccardo Berra)

It's So Much Easier When You're Away  (by Riccardo Berra)
ERWA Treasure Chest, Best of 2010

Lee's Daughters (by Riccardo Berra)

Post Mortem (by Riccardo Berra)
ERWA Treasure Chest, Best of 2010

Trojan Horse (by Riccardo Berra) *warning non-consent

Circe (by Riccardo Berra)

Slip of the Lip Anthology (edited by Remittance Girl) (two by RBB)
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  1. I'm thinking of publishing this latest short on the ERWA Storytime list. Any comments gratefully accepted.