Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Modeling Session

by Riccardo Berra/Love on the Edge ( (c)2011all rights reserved)

No. 50+Models.com doesn't only want women with gray hair. Who told you that? Your floral print dress is pretty. It compliments your olive skin. The conflowers make your eyes pop. Relax. Lie on the bed. Pretend you've just awakened from an afternoon nap. Good!

That's one series. Sit up. Face the window. Pull the bedsheet across your torso so the camera thinks you're naked behind it. Good.

Slip the dress off your shoulders. The tiny bow in your sexy peach bra shows just above the sheet. So do the straps. Don't look at me. Look to the side. Think about what happens when we're done taking pictures. Yes.

Now look to camera. Your hair falls over your right eye. Show more leg. Yes. Lovely.

Take off the dress. These shots—they're just for me. The peach panties are at the bottom of the frame. Good. Slide them all the way down and lie back.

Open your legs. More. They make a nice triangle in the center of the frame. No, I'm glad you didn't get that Brazilian. I love all that hair. Pinch your nipples. They're hard already? I know. It doesn't take much.

Spread your lips. Do what you do when I'm not around, but you're thinking of me. Yes. God yes.

So beautiful. Yes. This session is over.


  1. Though no longer strictly a Flasher, this story was posted on ERWA and came in at 200 words. Afterwards I added a few. Let me know what you think. Sorry I can't share the other pictures. They're private.

  2. I think I know who the lady was and I am sure she is glad the photos were not posted on this blog, at least the ones I imagine you took of her!-:)
    Forever the naughty, sexy man are you, Ricci!
    Molti baci di Roma, Vi.
    PS It is a very original and unconventional erotic short story! Lo adoravo il tuo bel racconto!

  3. Non hai mai terminato questa bella sessione? Non ce l'hai piu fotografie di questa donna per mostrare qua sul blog?-:)
    Buon Natale e baci di Roma!
    Ci vediamo al fine del mese?