Saturday, August 29, 2009

I have no professional relationship to deepen Part 1

Sofi carissima, I cannot deny I feel twinges of envy when I read your second to last post as you have been able to be with Ricci on a professional level not just an intimate one. Even though you felt so nervous and apprehensive meetingme the first time, as you so beautifully express yourself in your very last post, how enriching it must be to be able to work with a man you are also deeply involved with emotionally and physically! I may know more of life due to my age and opportunities to travel and meet such a varety of people the world over. I know I have an inate ability to mix with anyone and make people feel good about themselves and frankly Ido not think I could have managed our menage a trois so well if that had not been the case. You have so often praised me for being understandng and making you feel relaxed about our threesome. I know you were hesitant at first and honestly so was I! I now examine our love triangle from afar in Europe and realise that each one of us has contributed so much to the other. I had no idea when I arranged to meet Riccardo that night at the gallery that he had already started an intimate relationship with you. I imagined he was just a married man who had the occasional short affair and somewhere deep down had hoped he might think of me as more than just a friend, the mother of his daughter's schoolfriend. I was so insecure about it as when first I met him I would never have thought I was his type sexually. Silly really, as now we both know him so well we realise he appreciates women of all types, shapes and sizes, after all you and I are so very different on that score! Enough on that for now and let me tell you about my weekend in Paris visiting my friend, Etienne. She took me to a cocktail party of people in their fifities. Elegant women, professional or well-heeled, immaculately turned out! I was not feeling my best as I had been over -stressed by family business in Rome and Marco was being a pain - bad-tempered and irritable. I was dying for him to go to one of his regular dominatrixes and get a good bondage and whipping session, quite honestly! My French had deteriorated because of being in the USA so long and little chance to practise and I felt unusually intimdated by the crowd before me. At he entrance to the apartment in Rue de Poitiers, a hig windowed early 19th century maisonette, guarded by the inevitable curious concierge who drew the lace curtains of her lodge every time a guest arrived at the door. In France many apartments surround a courtyard and there is a large exterior door where you must dial a code to press the door open. This always makes me think that illicit lovers may never enter and leave unobserved. What thoughts and fantasies a spinster concierge must have! They say that romantic steamy novels are the read of first choice for many an elderly female concierge! How often the 'cinq a sept' visits of clandestine lovers must excite her fantasies as she looks up from her novel! What transpired at this cocktail, or rather in the end did not, will be Part 2 of this post! Wait until you hear what the lady concierge said to her fellow concierge as I left the cocktail! -:) Ci sentiamo al prossimo post! Baci di piu come sempre, Vi

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