Monday, February 8, 2010

Six Words for A Kiss

Vi, can't you see how much I miss you? Remember this:

6 words for a kiss


My hand rides your brown thigh, barely touching,
speed to plough familiar winding roads home to lips on lips through lips under over pressed parting lips,
no speak no tongue none but my own that’s still so hungry for your lips


Swimming hand in hand, dark, then a flash of street lamp surge,
we surface through body-warm, amniotic night, and as you turn and sodium vapor ripples across your face,
jumps my pulse, passion whip edited, to other nights matted as tight against my chest
as the sweat-pressed silk that clings to your hips


the Mexican restaurant brain froze fluorescent green Margarita,
Tabasco and tobacco pinch my tongue as your strut reminds me that my heart has long since broken its moorings
and rises—up my chest, out my throat, float, past teeth,
free to dance on contrails raised from ember concrete sidewalks made ripe by orchid night


a hard black pebble lodged under my tongue so round so smooth so polished by practiced deception
of all but you spills effortless from my throat and only you know that though
what I declare rolls fictive like heat lightning dancing off far mountaintops
it is not but razor true


why do I always do this, enrapturing my own destiny
as if some tremulous ego finger tap a tat
lifts my fumbled words above the line,
perhaps because in your lips on mine,
I taste the first act of the divine


3 a.m., Brahman's hour, beyond magnetic lines of sin and salvation,
truth belie, delta pi, fevered wakefulness and sleeping liss,
this longing in your absence is a song with
no tongue,
no lips,
just rhythm, just a frantic rattle in a cage, two clicked tones—
illusion/more illusion,

oh beg this fickle muse to whom I pray
to forgive me if I cannot stay
for your next

The very definition of desire

1 comment:

  1. Ricci, I just read this a day after I returned to NYC whilst I am still waiting to be with you as before but work and family commitments,combined with the dire weather circumstances have prevented this,but, I know it will happen very soon. I remember this beautiful piece you wrote not long after we met and I read it again tonight with the same deep feelings of love and desire as the first time I read it. It resonates deep down into my whole being and as I write this comment I feel a warm tenderness flood into me praising my luck for being the recipient of such a piece. In the vein of a previous comment on this blog, 'erotica' does not begin to describe your gift for writing such sensual, romantic eulogies to love, both physical and mental. But, if your writing is to be labelled then it is "The best of erotic literature to be found today"! You are gifted beyond belief in this sphere and it will be widely recognised, I am certain.