Monday, February 8, 2010

Vi's memories must become reality again

I am sitting in Fiumicino typing on my laptop from the Alitalia business lounge having been awaiting my delayed plane for 8 hours in order to return to you............and Sofi. Due to your hazardous snowfall in the NE the long wait to board my plane has increased my anxiety about seeing you again. I know we have seen each other on a webcam a handful of times but I am filled with trepidation.

You will see my increased lines on my face, my hands, my stomach. It has been over a year since we last saw each other in the flesh. Still, my flesh, now over a year older, thankfully cannot claim a single inch in fat!

I cannot help thinking that you will not desire me anymore after enjoying Sofi's, still very young, luscious body for these past 13 months or so. I know I am still attractive to men as I notice I still catch their glances but I want you, Ricci, to desire my slender frame and small pert breasts as you did before. If it were not for your loving words on the telephone, your beguiling charm that never ceases to engulf me when I listen to you telling me even the simplest of things with a minimum of words, I may not have been about to board this flight!

Your words, both written and spoken, have charmed me ever since I met you and I chide myself for being so captive to them. I cannot deny that I crave the first kiss and the first chance we get to lie naked one on top of the other after so long. I have one request though, which I do hope, Sofi, you will not take amiss - Please let me spend one night with your Ricci, our Ricci, alone before resuming our love trio. How so much more experienced you must be, Sofi carissima, in the art of love-making.

I remember when anal sex was unknown, and even unthought of for you, and how I coached in how to submit to Ricci and enjoy this act of loveplay that he so cherishes and craves on a daily basis; but, I cannot write about this anymore as the thought of being his 'fetish object', submitting to him soon again in this way excites me more than my words can illustrate.

My flight has been called so now I am signing off and this email will be in your inbox, Ricci, for many hours before I will have the chance to be with you! I wonder if you will be alone, or if you, Sofi, will be standing at Ricci's side as the apartment door is opened to let me in. My actions more than any further words will show you how much I have missed you!

As I close my laptop, I should just mention that I've been on the blog and seen recent posts from both of you. I hope our story does well and that the readers who have followed our story will read and appreciate it. Si, and vote too.

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